Preflop solutions

Live Play

This sim is appropriate for live 9handed games 200 big blinds deep. Inside the downloaded folder you will find a handy response to RFI and 3bet printable chart.

Rake structure

Live games 10%, 5$ rake cap

Stack size


Open sizes

4x EP-CO

3x Button

4x SB

3bet sizes

3x IP

4x OOP

4bet sizes

3x IP

3x OOP


Only on BB

Simplifications & Explanations

The purpose of this sim is to show you how to respond to common sizes used by live game players. For this reason it contains large open, 3bet and 4bet sizes. There is no coldcalling except from the BB due to the large open size.

Currently monkerviewer names the raise sizes in small blinds, but this is actually chips, as it's made with real stack size figures in mind. In the image below, the RFI raise is not 15 small blinds but 15 chips, making it 20 chips or 4 big blinds since this is a 200bb 500nl sim. Same logic applies to the 3bet size, it is 40 chips making the IP 3bet size a total of 5 + 15 + 40 = 60 chips or 12 big blinds or 60$.

How to Use Preflop Solutions