We are guerrilLa Poker

Guerrilla Poker started as a small coaching for-profit group.  At first we grew exclusively, with just a few core members - friends helping friends.  But success breeds success, and since then we've made many more friends.  We've had students break nearly a million in yearly profit, crush high-roller MTTs for 7 figure scores, and become some of the most feared high stakes regs in online poker.

Our earliest core members are still with us, and are still crushing some of the highest nosebleed games online.  Most have become coaches themselves.  We've always strived to beat the best, and are the only coaching group aiming for higher stakes, where the edges are thin.  Even so, our student pool has a win-rate of 3bb/100 over millions of hands.  We've helped students go from break-even or slightly winning players, to more than doubling their win-rates, at much higher stakes than they had been playing.

Poker is evolving rapidly, and today’s winners need to keep improving to be the winners of tomorrow.  With his proven track record of successful coaching at various levels and formats, Guerrilla Poker’s Uri Peleg is uniquely positioned to provide the tools you need to take your game to the next level.

Guerrilla Poker X Upswing Poker

Guerrilla’s head coach Uri Peleg has partnered with Upswing Poker to create an exploit-based course unlike anything the poker world has ever seen.

The course is called Advanced Cash Game Exploits and is a 25+ hour program that will help you become a master at identifying and taking advantage of holes in your opponents’ games.

Uri Peleg

AKA ‘Miscusee’
Founder, Head Coach

Uri Peleg is no stranger to expert gaming.  In 2007 he became a Magic the Gathering World Champion, and soon after, turned his attention to high stakes poker.  After registering for his first $100 MTT and battling existing regs, he had an "Aha!" moment when he realized that he possessed an intuitive understanding of how his opponents were approaching the game.  Even watching some of the best coaches in the world, he felt he was able to spot and take advantage of mistakes in their otherwise solid games.

Since then, he's proven the value of his personal approach with consistently stellar results in some of the world's toughest online games.  Even better, with the advent of modern solvers in recent years, and the availability of advanced computational solutions, Uri's been able to formalize and perfect his exploitative approach, and has successfully taught many others how to put his winning ideas into practice.  He's produced videos for Run it Once and PokerStrategy.com, and in 2015, co-founded the highly successful for-profit coaching group Guerrilla Poker.


AKA ‘Grindcore’
Head Theory Coach

Creator of the popular poker strategy series "The Thin Red Line", Bart is one of poker's most original thinkers, innovators, and postflop soul readers. For over a decade, Bart has been honing his and his students’ skills as a phenomenally successful player and coach.


AKA ‘Ballyegan‘
Business Development

Co-founder of Guerrilla Poker, and a former midstakes player who can still be found playing highstakes live cash games. Over the past few years, Ian has been focusing more on the business side of poker.

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