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If poker feels hard, you’re doing it wrong

There are a lot of different ways to study poker - and most of them involve a lot of effort in directions that are not very productive. We aim to adjust to players in ways that are invisible and effective - for every risky counter to a strategy, there exists an invisible adjustment that will be just as effective, that the other players will never see coming.

Uri Peleg

MTG World Champion
High-Stakes Crusher
Upswing Poker Coach
Guerrilla Poker Co-Founder

Uri Peleg X Upswing Poker

Uri Peleg has joined the elite team of Upswing Poker pros to make an extensive training course covering everything you need to know about exploitative poker.

Advanced Cash Game Exploits is a 25+ hour training program that will teach you how to maximize your win-rate by developing solid, exploitative game plans that work.


There are coaches who can explain useless stuff very well, and there are coaches who can explain useful stuff very poorly. Uri is one of the few coaches who has the gift of explaining eye-opening concepts in a way that’s also easy to understand. Early on in my poker career I had a few really bad runs, and I‘m not overstating things when I say I might have ended it back then if Uri hadn’t been there to help me get a handle on things. He’s one of the most inspiring poker professionals out there, and it’s been quite an honor to work with him.


I’ve worked with Uri for years and have loved every minute of it. His style of teaching is both eloquent and easy-to-digest, and this, combined with his passion for the game, has helped me to improve my own game by leaps and bounds. Both in terms of technical expertise and in my overall approach to the game.

It’s been amazing to see how he’s able to find brand new strategies and novel adjustments, time and time again.

I’m constantly blown away by how easily he remains ahead of the curve.


When I decided to get coaching for my game, I was already a winning player at NL200. But I felt I had hit a bit of a plateau. I tried a few coaches without really being impressed, but in early 2017 I booked some sessions with Uri and never looked back. Uri just has a way of making very complex topics easy to remember and implement. Before I knew it I had doubled my win-rate and was moving up stakes very quickly, even dabbling in (and crushing!) HU, and before long I was playing NL1k-NL2k 6-max. I can't thank Uri enough for helping me take my game to an incredible level.


Back in 2014, I decided to book a coaching package of 10 sessions with Uri. I took 9 of the lessons relatively quickly, and about a year later we did the last one. By that time, his coaching had helped me turn from a mediocre 3bb winner into an 8bb crusher at NL100-NL400 over a sample of nearly a million hands.

Becoming Uri’s student was hands down the best poker decision I’ve ever made.


Uri's coaching is amazing! He helped me get my game and poker understanding to a whole new level. For the first year, we mainly worked on HU, and crushed hard there before switching to 6-max.

I went from a break-even Zoom 200NL player to winning Zoom 500NL, NL1k, and have even started taking my first NL 2k shots.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Uri’s other students - all of them smart, ambitious, and extremely friendly people - which has improved not only the quality of my game but the overall quality of my life. It's definitely been very fruitful, and I couldn’t recommend him more.


When I first started working with Uri in 2016, I was a winning Zoom 500NL player, but had just come off a 6-month downswing and was really struggling to maintain a modest win-rate - as well as my sanity.

After a few months of working with Uri, both my win-rate and my confidence skyrocketed.

By the end of the year I had a 7bb win-rate at Zoom 500NL, and for the past 2 years now I've been a successful high-stakes reg on a handful of sites, playing up to 40kNL. Bottom line, the time I've spent with Uri has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

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